Wednesday, May 17, 2006

All revved up and ready to go 


I'm spinning another Thursday night of raucous rock at Manitoba's this week for the latest installment of my little rock party Neat Neat Neat. Playing the East Village's definitive punk shack is always exciting, but this week it's a little more so. See, this week I'll be musically honoring the memories of Joey and Dee Dee and Johnny Ramone on the night leading into what would have been Joey's 55th birthday.

I'll be playing your Ramones requests all night along with fan faves, rarities, original versions of songs they covered, kindred spirits, and other hot and heavy hits from the rock, punk, indie, and oldies spectrums (spectra?). If you've been to Manitoba's before, you know it has more NYC punk cred than just about any other bar in the city, with all due respect to the once-mighty CBGB. If you have never been there, come for the music and stay for the intimate environs, the classic punk photography and memorabilia, and the $3 cans of Pabst. We accept you.

DJ Mike C. spins rock & roll gold

99 Avenue B (at 7th St.), NYC
no cover, 21+

May 18: Ramones tribute
Celebrating Joey Ramone's birthday

Monday, May 15, 2006

The Name Of This Site Is Mike C. Music;
The Name Of This Blog Is Hoboken Rock City 

Welcome to the new mikecmusic.com! The biggest changes are cosmetic, with a new color scheme and site design. Nearly all of the previous site's features are still here. The seldom-used Writings page has been replaced by a Clients page, where I will highlight professional clients I have worked for. The Home page, Playlists, Reviews, Interviews, Biography, and the Contact form have not changed in any significant ways. Links, instead of being divided into the dopey categories I had previously designated, are now one big alphabetical listing.

The Blog page, such as it is, is the one section where this website's original name, Hoboken Rock City, will be maintained. In other words, this website is now called Mike C. Music. However, the blog is Hoboken Rock City Blog. If you have links that go to the hobokenrockcity.com domain, it would be best if you could direct them to mikecmusic.com instead, although the old ones will continue to work for some time to come. Still with me?

As for said blog, it began in November 2004 as a forum for my writings on music and politics, and Hoboken life. Obviously, I have not been keeping up with those angles; for the last many months, this space has become a place where I alert people to my upcoming DJ events, more and more of which are happening in Manhattan these days. All I can say is that I hope I can make the time to write about shows I've been going to, music I've been listening to, and Republicans who have been pissing me off when I can. That said, I can guarantee you the next post I make here will be about my big Ramones tribute event at Manitoba's this Thursday.

Huge thanks to my web guru Jim Romaine for his pristine work, and to my graphic designer Robin C. Hendrickson for expert logo and color design. Excellent work, gentlemen.

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