Monday, November 20, 2006

November Reign 

It's been one heckuva busy stretch lately over at Hoboken Rock City studios. Wedding gigs, softball season (yes, games extend into November), and all other sorts of insanity have made for a jagged DJ schedule for me at my rock & roll home base, The Goldhawk. I'm happy to report that for the next six Saturdays in a row--the final six weekends of 2006--I will be in the rock & roll driver's seat, otherwise known as The Goldhawk DJ booth.

Here are some news items and updates, in easily consumable bullet-point format!

• Re-stating the obvious, I'm DJing at The Goldhawk each of the next six Saturday nights. The rock starts at 10 p.m. and goes till last call.

• Mike C.'s 5th Annual Xmas Party will kick off the Dec. 23 gig. That night starts early, at 8 p.m. Join me for a couple hours of strictly seasonal songs, from the Jackson 5...to the Ramones...to Perry Como! To obscurities ranging from Martin Mull to Archers Of Loaf, too. When the time is right, the night will switch into regular rock mode for the rest of the evening, with more holiday tuneage sprinkled throughout.

• Thanks to all who supported Neat Neat Neat, the series of nights I did at Manitoba's in NYC. It was fun, but it ran its course. Taped to the inside of the DJ booth at Manitoba's are these words of wisdom all bar patrons would do well to heed: "26. If there is a DJ you can request a song only once per night. If he doesn't play it within half an hour, do not approach him again. If he does play it, do not approach him again." This pithy brilliance gave me a smile every time I dug into the Manitoba's booth, and it wasn't until a few days ago that I Googled it and discovered the source.

New photos of yours truly at by the incomparable Michael Waring, who I think achieved something astonishing: he actually made me look sort of cool. Thanks, Michael!

• All 10 episodes of my Hoboken Rock City podcast from 2005 are still downloadable from the home page, but only for a limited time. The podcast files will be removed on or around December 15. If you do not have these shows or you need to download them again, please do so now. Thanks to all who have listened.

• For about six months there, I got lazy about posting playlists on the website. That has been remedied, and while looking back at six months worth of lists makes me realize there are a bunch of songs I've been beating to death and I need to give them a rest, the curious or obsessive can view said playlists.

• Can't say the same about this here blog. Despite this post, it's still pretty much dormant. Perhaps one of these days I'll pick it up again.

• Recommended DJ night other than my own: Pat Pierson at The Iron Monkey, this Wednesday, Nov. 22. 10 p.m. till late, no cover. 97 Greene St., Jersey City, NJ.

• Recommended NYC show #1: Hamell On Trial at Comix 3, Wednesday, Nov. 29. 53 West 14th St., Be there or be square.

• Recommended NYC show #2: Pernice Brothers at Mercury Lounge, Friday, December 8. Be there or be square--squared!

• Stay tuned for details about a possible New Year's Eve gig.

• You can always find my DJ schedule up to date on the home page or over on you-know-what-space.

DJ Mike C. spins rock & roll
Every Saturday night
for the rest of 2006
Nov. 25
Dec. 2, 9, 16, 23* & 30

10 p.m. till late
at The Goldhawk
936 Park Ave. (at 10th St.), Hoboken
no cover, 21+

*Special event:
Saturday, December 23
Mike C.'s 5th Annual Xmas Party
Holiday rock and more
8 p.m. till everyone's sick of Xmas music!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Spirit Of '92 

Listen to Automatic For The People today. And vote!

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