Thursday, February 24, 2005

Griffin House at The Goldhawk 

Going out to gigs three nights in a row has left me a little behind on things. Nettwerk recording artist Griffin House did a really solid set of singer/songwriter vibes Tuesday at The Goldhawk. Backed by a drummer and a keyboardist/bassist, Mr. House accompanied himself on guitar with a voice slightly evocative of David Gray and a songwriting style that exhibits a hint of early Springsteen.

Fans of Ray LaMontagne may dig. Download three free songs from Griffin's album Lost & Found on the music page of his website. I recommend "Liberty Line." He'll be at The Saint in Asbury Park tonight.

I asked Griffin where he and his band were from, and he gave a classic musician answer. "Well, we're kind of from all over—Chicago, Topeka..." So I asked where they were based out of these days, and he still couldn't pinpoint it: "Well, we've been on the road for like a year, so we're really from all over." Or Detroit, I don't know, we do so many shows in a row.

Joe Condiracci did a solo set after Griffin House's performance. Not an easy act to follow. I'm familiar with Joe from his stint in Green Rooftops, one of those bands ironically destined not to last because it was bursting with too many good songwriters. (Hoboken Rock City Best Of 2004 honoree Edward Rogers was one of the other talented writers in Green Rooftops, as well as their drummer.) Condiracci's set was slightly marred by a bad hum from his electric guitar amp. The acoustic songs sounded much better. I get the feeling it was a little bit of an off night for Joe, and I bet he's capable of better.

And last night at Webster Hall, Kings Of Leon showed why they are the kings of boogie rock. But I'm not going to puff them up any more than that here, as I kinda work for them.

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