Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Linking Park 

I'm in the process of putting together the first Hoboken Rock City podcast. Some of my favorite indie artists have already given me permission to use their music on the show. There are more artists and labels I'm looking to contact, and a few technical issues to conquer, so I'm not launching it just yet. I'm really hoping it will happen by the beginning of March.

In the meantime, if you're confused about the techology of it all, maybe it would help to download a few podcasts. Listen to them on your hard drive, put them on your iPod, burn them to CD, whatever. I didn't fully understand what a podcast was until I'd listened to a couple of them. Now I get it. In addition to the ones I mentioned in this post, it's worth checking out Radio Clash, Done Waiting's show, and Insomnia Radio.

Anthony Miccio, whose taste seems to overlap with mine a lot—although he's wrong about Radio City, was nice enough to link to my I Am The World Trade Center interview. Anyway, Anthony is a writer/blogger/dj (aren't we all?) in Pennsylvania, a state I resent for that awful, geographically inaccurate "America Starts Here" sign at its eastern border, but which I love because of the many friends I have there.

Speaking of PA, or Philly more specifically, if you haven't been reading Sara Sherr's blog, you really should be. Her group the Dumpsta Players are doing a tribute (?) to one of my favorite singers of all time, Mrs. Miller, this Wednesday, 11 p.m. at Bob and Barbara's (1509 South Street, 215-545-4511). And it's a 99 cent cover. Hoo-ah! Wish I could teleport myself to the city of love that is brotherly for that one.

Finally, peep a cool vintage photo of The Clash on the Asbury Park boardwalk at Jukebox Graduate.

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