Sunday, March 20, 2005

Black And White Town 

What am I gonna do, write a five-paragraph essay on how much I hate the New Jersey DMV—sorry, the MVC, as those McGreevey commercials pointed out—for making me wait and hour and a half yesterday morning to get my license renewed and then not calling my number before they closed for the day? No; I want to write about that even less than you want to read it.

Reasons to be cheerful: there was a great crowd at my gig last night, podcast #4 is shaping up for Wednesday (download and listen to #3 in the meantime), the new Ivy and Electric Six albums are great, there are five candidates for mayor of Hoboken and the election is in six weeks (shitty coverage here), winter seems to be more or less over, and Opening Day (well, Night, which is a travesty, but let's not get into it here) is in two weeks.

By the way, can't vouch for the album 'cause I haven't heard it, but Doves' "Black And White Town" is the best song of 2005 so far. Just sayin'.

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