Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Hoboken Rock City - Show #3 - Notes 

This Boy Is Exhausted - THE WRENS
The Meadowlands, Absolutely Kosher, 2003
The hard-luck band from Secaucus. They sold out two shows at Maxwell's this past Saturday. I caught the early show and was mesmerized. They're at SXSW this week.

Pure Convenience - THE HEAD SET
unreleased, no label, 2005
NYC four-piece. One of three new tracks from recent sessions produced by Richard Lloyd. You can download this track and others for free from the band's website. They're playing next Tuesday, March 22 at Crash Mansion, and Saturday, April 9 at Pianos.

I Love You 'Cause (You Look Like Me) - THE PONYS
Laced With Romance, In The Red, 2004
A track from my #5 album of 2004. They're on tour later this month and on into April, including two nights at The Bowery with Bloc Party and a date at the Mercury Lounge.

I'm In The Band - BRATMOBILE
Girls Get Busy, Lookout!, 2002
I predict a rrriot! A typically high-energy song from the most recent of their "comeback" albums.



Texas Is The Reason - SPIRALING
Challenging Stage, no label, 2004
My long-distance dedication to everyone in Austin this week. Spiraling is playing a benefit show for the Metuchen High School music program at the high school this Friday the 18th. That's at 400 Grove Avenue. All ages. $10, 7 p.m. They're also at The Court Tavern in New Brunswick this Saturday at 11:30, and at Club 218 in Philadelphia on April 10.

Anticipation - THE GEFKENS
Heroes, P.O.S., 1998
The trio that carried the torch of power pop in Hoboken throughout the '90s. Produced by Don Fleming.

Philos2k3 - TRIS MCCALL
Shootout At The Sugar Factory, Melody Lanes, 2003
Jersey City's favorite son.

If Shacking Up Is All You Want To Do, War And Oats, 2004
Not as depressing as it sounds, though not far from it. They sound like nice boys from Metuchen. Honestly.


Dog Eared, Low Heat, 2004
Michael Cerveris is probably the only Tony Award® winner I'm likely to be playing on the show for a while. In addition to his award-winning role in Assassins, he's graced the New York stage as Tommy and Hedwig. This track from his first solo album in indie-rock mode was co-written by Sleater-Kinney's Corin Tucker, who also sings on it.

Beautiful Release - THE PILLCRUSHERS
Welcome To The World, Not Lame, 2005
New York City power popsters. Download this and other fine tracks from their website; buy the CD from the Not Lame store.


Sommes Bleues - DAVE'S TRUE STORY
Dave's True Story, Bepop, 1994 (reissued 2002)
A difficult band to classify, Dave's True story are a little bit folk-pop and a little bit '40s-style vocal jazz. Their new album Nature comes out in April; here's a track from their debut.

Gertrude - MISTY ROSES
Komodo Dragons, Frog Man Jake, 2004
Lush, sample-driven soundscapes from a transcontinental duo whose self-described style is "glamorous easy listening music." For fans of Goldfrapp, Portishead, and Ennio Morricone.

Sunday Fables, Not Lame, 2004
A bit of a tearjerker from Rogers, the veteran of bands like Green Rooftops and Primrose Hill who issued his first solo album last year. Guest vocals on this track by Colin Blunstone and Rod Argent of The Zombies.

The Mattachine Society - THE ALUMINUM GROUP
Plano, Minty Fresh, 1998
One of my favorite songs from perhaps my favorite album of the last ten years. Which I'd like to think is pretty significant praise.

Thank you: Pat Pierson, Tris McCall, John and Frank Navin, Cory at Absolutely Kosher, The Ponys, Eliot Wadsworth, Jordan Blaugrund, Michael Blaugrund, Erin Smith, Dina Laura, Fran Azzarto, Matt Azzarto, Chris Gefken, Michael Cerveris, Claudia Chopek, Jeff Eyrich at Dave's True Story, Robert Conroy, Edward Rogers, John Gleason, MaiMai, everyone who sends comments, and everyone who listens.

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