Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Hoboken Rock City - Show #3 

As always, it's one hour of glamorous indie rock & roll, including the famous Jersey Rock City set. Show #3 features music by The Wrens, The Head Set, The Ponys, Bratmobile, Spiraling, The Gefkens, Tris McCall, The Roadside Graves, Cerveris, The Pillcrushers, Dave's True Story, Misty Roses, Edward Rogers, and The Aluminum Group.

Get the free download here.

Please vote for the show. Hoboken Rock City is just a few votes away from being in the Top 50.

People keep asking, so I'll keep saying it: the show is just a regular ol' MP3, albeit a large one. Listen to it the same way you would listen to any MP3.

If it's inside ya, it's gotta come out. Send it here.

Show notes—with links—to come.

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