Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Hoboken Rock City - Show #5 

Saint Etienne, The Donnas, Edwyn Collins, Annie, Superchunk, The Fundamentals, Mates Of State, Waltz For Debbie, The Divine Comedy, Bill McGarvey, Peelander-Z, Crookston, and The Whatnots all rock you like a hurricane on Hoboken Rock City - Show #5. Still more glamorous indie rock & roll from New Jersey and far beyond.

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All Day, Polyvinyl, 2004
I'd missed this EP when it came out last year; never even heard this song until today, but I loved it so much I had to play it. You can download this and a few other songs by the organ/drums duo of Kori Gardner and Jason Hamel at their label Polyvinyl's website.

Me Plus One - ANNIE
Anniemal, 679/Vice, 2004
The Norwegian chanteuse's masterpiece will finally get a U.S. release later this year on Vice.

It Takes A Little Time - EDWYN COLLINS
The Magic Piper (Of Love) single, Setanta, 1997
Lost classic b-side, one of many by Edwyn. The most recent word on Edwyn's condition is that he's breathing on his own, eating real food, communicating, and struggling to become mobile. For someone who had a cerebral hemorrhage a little more than a month ago, that's significant progress.


Gone And Out, Parasol, 2000
Great Swedish electro-pop duo, Martin Permer and Annica Lundback. Pop as fuck!

Lose That Girl - SAINT ETIENNE
Good Humor, Sub Pop, 1998
One of the group's classic singles while we wait for their new album Tales From Turnpike House, due later in 2005. No word on whether any of the songs take place on the Jersey Turnpike. Read my interview with Saint Etienne's Sarah Cracknell.

Becoming More Like Alfie - THE DIVINE COMEDY
Casanova, Setanta, 1998
Neil Hannon, another dude that is a band/band that is a dude. He's reportedly working on new material.


Dancing Friendly, Eat Rice, 2005
They just brought their reportedly wild stage show to The Mercury Lounge on Easter. Keep your eyes on the skies; there are sure to be more area dates from the Japanese punk superhero trio soon.

Do You Wanna Hit It - THE DONNAS
The Donnas Turn 21, Lookout!, 2001
A tune from my favorite Donnas album in honor of their New York shows next week at Radio City Music Hall. Sure to be a rawkathon.

You Should Know Better - CROOKSTON
Troublemaker, no label, 2003
NYC rock & roll from ex-Honeydog Tommy Borscheid, who's also in The Pillcrushers, as featured in Show #3. Head Pillcrusher Greg Beshers returns the favor and plays with Crookston too.

Slack Motherfucker - SUPERCHUNK
Superchunk, Merge, 1990
An indie classic. Also appears on the singles compilation Tossing Seeds. Get it all at Merge Records, the iconic indie label the band founded and runs.



Feeling Strange, P.O.S., 1989
Hoboken rock & roll from the late '80s, produced by Richard Barone. Half of this band ended up being two-thirds of The Gefkens. Do the math.

Retribution Kicks - THE WHATNOTS
Snug, no label, 1996
An unreleased Hoboken gem. Whatnots singer Jim Higgins teams with ex-Fundamental Matt Azzarto for a live set of music at The Goldhawk on Friday, April 15, opening up for Pat DiNizio of The Smithereens. And Whatnots drummer Paul Moschella bangs the skins for Shelby this Tuesday, April 5, 9 p.m. at Rothko.

Standing Next To Gloria Steinem - BILL MCGARVEY
Tell Your Mother, Thievery, 2003
A winsome ballad about subway courtship rituals in a post-feminist world. No, really. Buy it at the iTunes store.


The Hoboken Rock City rock show / podcast is produced with the cooperation of the artists and record labels whose recordings appear on the show.

Thank you: Pat Pierson, Tris McCall, John and Frank Navin, Adam Shore, Chris Jacobs, Keith Cullen, Seth Hubbard, Michael Roux, MaiMai, Erin Smith, Tommy Borscheid, Greg Beshers, Frank Harkins, Christina Rentz, Fran Azzarto, Matt Azzarto, Paul Moschella, Jim Higgins, Bill McGarvey, all you crazy listeners, all you crazy kids who send comments.

See ya for next Wednesday for Show #6...

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