Saturday, March 12, 2005

Tonight: Some Wrens at Maxwell's, an iPod at The Goldhawk 

The much-rumored iPod mini drawing at The Goldhawk (sponsored by a cigarette company that I will purposely forget to mention here, because I am anti-smoking) is allegedly happening tonight. Not sure what time the contest starts, but it'll be going on for sure when I start spinning at 10 p.m.

Pretty psyched for the rare opportunity to catch a show before my gig. I mentioned recently that I'll be doing that in a couple weeks when Robyn Hitchcock does an early show at Maxwell's on the 26th. Well, Jersey's own fabulous Wrens, who sold out a 10 p.m. show at Maxwell's tonight, added an early show, and I snapped up tix for that the other night. Looks like it's sold out at Ticketweb. Can't wait—strangely, I have never seen the kings of Jersey mope rock.

I'm also proud to announce that The Wrens' label, Absolutely Kosher, gave me permission to play the band on my show. The Digital Millennium Copyright Act dictates that web broadcasters are not to advertise in advance what recordings they are playing, but let's just say that anyone speculating that I may slip a Wrens song into next week's show might have a sizable chance of being right.

In other news, turns out that Reduced Fat Cheez-Its are actually pretty good.

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