Saturday, March 05, 2005

Weekend Fallout, Love, Links 

Thanks to The Daily Podcast Feed for this glowing review. The Feed looks like a pretty cool blog with built-in streaming of about a dozen new podcasts a day. And it's from Jersey.

I haven't decided whether I care—or, if I do care, how much—but until I figure that out, I might as well send you all over to vote for the show at Podcast Alley. Click "Vote Now!" The site just changed its rankings to a monthly tally, so with only votes since the beginning of this month being counted, Hoboken Rock City stands but a few votes shy of being one of the Top 50 Podcasts on their chart.

Gotta acknowledge the encouraging words I got from Mike from 92-7.com, the new fan site/portal for fans of the old WLIR. They just started up a Screech Of The Week podcast where you can vote for your favorite new track of the week from among a hand full of contenders, a la LIR's old Screamer Of The Week, which later morphed into the Shreik Of The Week. Some good tracks in the running this week—I'm torn between The Doves and The Bravery.

I did some preliminary work on Show #2 this afternoon. Can't wait to record it Tuesday night. There's too much good music to choose from. The hits just keep on comin', and we don't stop till we get to the toppermost of the poppermost.

Mondo gracias to my excellent webmaster Jim Romaine for the most recent site improvements. Thanks to him, there's now a permalink to the most recent podcast at the top of the Blog page. Also at the top of the page—and on the Home page too—are links to the RSS feeds for both the blog and the podcast. And the Links page has a new Podcasts category which I've only just begun to live. I mean, to fill in.

The parade revelers await to be rocked...though I imagine that, in the other sense, they already are.

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