Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Hoboken Rock City - Show #9 

High School Sweethearts, French Kicks, The Mr. T Experience, The Grip Weeds, The Aluminum Group, K. McCarty, Freedy Johnston, Peelander-Z, Hamell On Trial, Dave's True Story, Reno's Men, and Dungen rock this town...

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For the first time, the show starts with the...

Heels N' Wheels, Get Hip, 2005
In celebration of their record release party last Friday at Maxwell's.

Substar - RENO'S MEN
Dig Me Do You, no label, 1999
An "oldie" from the boys; buy the new one.

We're Not Getting Through - THE GRIP WEEDS
The Sound Is In You, Rainbow Quartz, 2003 (reissue)
Super '60s-esque pop explosion.

Live At 33 1/3, Singing Magnet, 2000
Lovely live recording of a track from his Never Home album, as featured in his live show last week at The Goldhawk.


Panda - DUNGEN
Ta Det Lungt, Subliminal, 2004
The Swedish dude/band is on tour with The Go! Team next week in the U.K.

Dancing Friendly, Eat Rice, 2005
Yellow, Red, and Blue round out the panda twofer. Woo hoo!

I Hate Your Kid (live) - HAMELL ON TRIAL
Ed's Not Dead—Hamell Comes Alive, Such-A-Punch, 2000
As always, heartfelt emotion from Ed Hamell, the all-world live performer who opens for Ani DiFranco at The State Theatre in New Brunswick tonight.


Walking The Cow - K. MCCARTY
Dead Dog's Eyeball, Bar/None, 1994 (reissued 2005)
From K./Kathy's recently reissued album of Daniel Johnston covers.

Wonder Boy Plus, Minty Fresh, 1999
Another Aluminum Group song so light you could almost float away on the thing.

The World In Which We Live - DAVE'S TRUE STORY
Nature, Bepop, 2005
Catch them playing tunes like this from their new album tonight at The Living Room in NYC; The Lansdowne Folk Club in Lansdowne, Pennsylvania on Thursday, April 28; and this Saturday April 30 at The Birchmere in Alexandria, Virginia.


One More Time - FRENCH KICKS
The Trial Of The Century, StarTime, 2004
Cool track from the New York band's 2004 album.

I Wrote A Book About Rock & Roll - THE MR. T EXPERIENCE
Alcatraz, Lookout!, 1999
A fair-enough criticism of, well, rock criticism.


Hoboken Rock City is produced with the cooperation of the artists and record labels whose recordings appear on the show. Thanks to all.

Please send me your comments and contribute your votes. Thank you.

See you next week for Show #10...

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