Wednesday, May 04, 2005

You Take It On Faith, You Take It To The Heart 

Sorry to announce that the show/podcast/whatever is on hiatus. It's not that after nine straight weeks of having a new show up every Wednesday I'm not still having a blast with it—I am. I'm simply too busy. Work has been busier than usual, I have some exciting freelance writing projects which I'm excited to tell you all about but I need to finish first, and life in general has just been bananas.

All nine shows are still here online, at least for now. Download them from the home page, check out the set lists on the playlists page, and listen. With a little luck and more time, I hope to start doing new shows again in June.

Now is also probably as good a time as any to mention that I clearly was delusional when I posted recently that I would be dissecting the issues facing Hoboken in next Tuesday's mayor and council election. That's something I'd love to be able to do but, again, time won't let me. It feels like such a missed opportunity for me, but I haven't had time to go to council meetings or debates. I haven't examined the issues with the kind of detail I'd want to in order to talk about them without sounding like a jackass.

I've kept up with what passes for the local media, and the mountain of campaign "literature" that arrives in the mail literally every day, and I will probably chime in before Tuesday with a quick and poorly explained endorsement, but I'm just not up to offering a comprehensive analysis of our town's political situation. Which is a damn shame, because it's important. I wish I could do for Hoboken what Tris McCall is doing for Jersey City. I'm sorry, but there just aren't enough hours in my day right now.

This has been a wild year so far, and we're only a third of the way in. I've accomplished a lot and done some things I never thought I'd get to do, but there have been valleys along with the peaks. My attitude is positive, but the old curse applies: "May you live in interesting times." Stay tuned.

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