Monday, June 06, 2005

First In War, First In Peace, And Last In The Political Primary Season 

In New Jersey, we take great, huge, heaping pride in our tied-with-Montana-for-last-in-the-nation primary date every June.

Okay, maybe not. Still, this Tuesday's the day when the state's registered Republicans will choose their party's gubernatorial nominee, and the state's registered Democrats will choose whether to vote for the Rock City's own Jon Corzine or catch up on the laundry. As one of the latter (one of the state's registered Democrats, not a laundry catcher-upper), I'll be doing the former (voting for Corzine), mostly just because I love to vote. And you should too.

If it's Tuesday night and you already put another dime in the washing machine, baby, fear not. As all registered voters of Hoboken ought to know by now, you'll get another chance to hit the booths next Tuesday for the Great Mayor & Council Runoff Election Of 2005. If you're scoring at home—or even if you're by yourself—that'll be your fourth opportunity to vote in the last nine Tuesdays, stretching back to the school board election on April 19. If that's not democracy, I don't know what is. Local campaign veteran Mister Snitch has an ongoing series of posts dissecting the original May election and analyzing the runoff.

On the national stage, I really dug The Talent Show's debunking of the myth of "moderate" John McCain.

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