Sunday, June 19, 2005

Weekend In Review 

At the courthouse on Friday, Mr. Tris McCall was brilliant and Dave's True Story were charming as ever. I have pics, too, and hopefully I'll get a few up soon.

I never even mentioned in this space that I saw my favorite "new Dylan" of the past 25 years, Dan Bern, when he was at Maxwell's a couple weeks ago. Solid show, but not amazing, and I've seen him be amazing. Either there were a lot of new songs, or he drew heavily on more recent albums like New American Language and Fleeting Days that I haven't spent enough time with. Two tunes from the classic debut album, "Marilyn" and "Too Late To Die Young." Nothing from his brilliant 2004 release My Country II: Music To Beat Bush By. Maybe it's just too depressing for him to go there, but I would've paid an extra $5 or $10 just to hear "Sammy's Bat" (as heard in Hoboken Rock City Show #2).

Surprisingly strong Saturday night crowd at The Goldhawk last night (crowds can get pretty thin around here on summer weekends). I have the next two weekends off, putting me back in the rock & roll rotation on July 9, which seems half a lifetime away.

And the geranium that the Roberts campaign left on my stoop back in April with a note saying "Happy Earth Day from the Roberts Team!" might be dying. Commentary, coincidence, or just my not-so-green thumb?

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