Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Harmonic Convergence Of "The Fifth R.E.M.": dB's And Posies At Maxwell's 

The reunited dB's are playing Maxwell's on September 19 and 20, a Monday and Tuesday night. (Via Pitchfork.) Get yer tickets for this Hoboken homecoming that's gonna sell out faster than $10,000-a-plate seats to Karl Rove's farewell roast.

The following week, The Posies play the same venue. This means that Peter Holsapple (dB's) and Ken Stringfellow (Posies), the two guys who have most prominently filled the role of "the fifth R.E.M." as an extra touring member of the band, will be playing in town just a matter of days apart. Weird.

Electric Six, who to my knowledge have never been referred to as "the sixth R.E.M.," are also playing there in late September (and I really should be back at school) too. Damn. The hits just keep on coming.

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