Thursday, July 14, 2005

Surfin' Safari 

Nice to see Music Cherry digging The Lost Patrol after hearing them on this month's Hoboken Rock City Podcast. They also conveniently point out that you can purchase The Lost Patrol's latest CD High Noon at CD Baby, which is the sort of info I usually try to include in my show notes but neglected to do this time.

The Vegan links to this fine piece on music bloggers versus music journalists by Jason Cherkis in Washington City Paper.

The Daily Pomposity gives love to Jersey bloggers—well, sort of. I'll note here for the record that the politically conservative bent of many of the sites that comprise The Carnival Of The New Jersey Bloggers is the main reason I'm not setting up a booth in that otherwise-well-intentioned roadshow. Via Snitch, who scored two mentions in the Times story.

While we're talking about conservative bents, Greg at The Talent Show succinctly pinpoints that what makes Fox News completely unwatchable is not so much its right-wing bias (though that's annoying enough); it's the smug condescension of the channel's anchors. Gotta see if Shepard Smith will own up to that the next time he stops by The Goldhawk for a drink; it's been months since he was spotted bending an elbow there.

And sure, it's like shooting fish in a barrel, but Greg's latest Rove post is also money.

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