Sunday, August 07, 2005

Thanks, But I'd Rather Not Be Sedated 

It was fun to spin some tunes at the Ding Dong Thursday. I alternated between vinyl and iPod, a method of DJing I had never tried before, and there weren't many hiccups. The crowd was mostly appreciative. I especially liked the guy who came up during The New Pornographers' "Letter From An Occupant" and said in a very Zen/Yogi Berra/Buckaroo Banzai kind of way: "I wanted to hear this song! I didn't know I wanted to hear it until I heard it!" The set list came out well. It was cool time. They're having me back there again at the end of the month, on Tuesday, August 30.

The dog days are still here. Next Saturday, August 13 will be my last Saturday night at The Goldhawk until after Labor Day, so I can attend to summer madness. I'm back there September 10. August highlights at The Goldhawk include Ben Arnold on Thursday, August 18 and AJ Azzarto & The Hoboken 5 on Tuesday, August 23.

Been having some, shall we say, irregularities with the home computer of late. It may or may not have been a memory problem; I installed a new piece of RAM but it's still acting funny. I tried it in different slots, even. Dunno what's up. If it keeps telling me there's 5.5 gigs free on the internal hard drive, or 6.9 gigs, or 7.2 gigs (each time I restart it's different), does that mean that after five years, my G4 Cube's hard drive is finally dying?

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