Sunday, October 09, 2005

Animal Rescue In Louisiana 

My friend, former roommate, and to-this-day Hoboken neighbor Keith is in Louisiana with his friend Kambri Crews, volunteering for a week with Pasado's Safe Haven, an animal rescue organization from Washington state that has set up a huge operation on a donated farm outside of New Orleans.

Judging from the updates on Kambri's blog, they're cleaning up a lot of poop—surely Triumph is chuckling—and having a challenging but rewarding time.

They're obviously working their tails off, but Kambri is posting to her aforementioned blog when time allows, and there are updates on the organization's progress on their news page. Not all the news is good, of course, so be warned that some of the stories and images are upsetting. To make up for that, here's where you click for photos of three-week-old kittens slurping formula.

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