Wednesday, October 05, 2005

The Hold Steady: An Unsolicited Review 

Until some changes are made to Hoboken Rock City's infrastructure, comments will remain inoperative on blog posts. I'd like to enable them, especially since I'm too busy to generate new content on this site as frequently as I would like to. Until this blog becomes comment-friendly, I encourage you to send feedback via the handy contact form.

One enterprising reader of this site used said form to send me a brief review of The Hold Steady's sold-out Maxwell's show last Friday. I really dig the band's new album and would have liked to see the show if I hadn't been simultaneously under the weather, booked to DJ for ten hours the next day, and obsessed with what last week was New York Yankee Pennant Race Baseball (and which has now, of course, transitioned into New York Yankee Playoff Baseball). Onto the mailbag:

Basically, after hearing the well-produced CD, Separation Sunday, I thought I would see rock n' roll's redemption, instead, a false prophet it crashed and burned. They need an agent to control the lead singer's drinking and slobbering, and a sound person to make his voice discernable. The band behind him was generally tight and played well. They won't rocket to the top, but if they straighten out the vocals, they could begin a nice east coast following.

- Mark

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