Monday, December 05, 2005

The Mike C. College Tour Fall 2005, Part II 

Though I didn't quite go back to school Dangerfield style, I did have fun giving my first college lecture last week at the University of Pennsylvania. As a guest speaker in my friend Professor David Grazian's Popular Culture class, the topic for the day was the music business. With the industry in transition in so many ways, it's not an easy lecture to give, but I gave the best overview that I could.

The students in the 300-seat lecture hall asked a lot of questions, which teacher types tell me is a good indicator of attentiveness, and there's already a talk of an encore performance. Unfortunately, if you're a Penn undergrad and want to take the class next semester, you're already shut out if you didn't pre-register; they're moving the class to the university's biggest lecture hall, and still every spot is filled. Thanks to the Penn sociology department, and I look forward to a return engagement. Plus, it'll get me down to Philly, which I don't do often enough.

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