Monday, December 05, 2005

Never leave the stream of warm impermanence 

Those of you who are on my email list received a note today that I have a new email address at a new domain, mikecmusic.com. (Well, anyway, you should have. If you are on my mailing list or would like to be, and you did not receive my change of address note today, drop me a line.)

There will be a new site to go along with that domain, and it will be similar to the existing Hoboken Rock City in many ways. Until mikecmusic.com goes live, you will be auto-forwarded to hobokenrockcity.com when you access mikecmusic.com.

Just want to let everyone know that I'm not going away, and I will continue to have a web presence. It's just that that presence will take a slightly different form. It will certainly be recognizable to anyone who is familiar with me and/or this site.

Those of you nice enough to follow this blog have noticed a dearth of posting to it lately, and there are many reasons for that. Life, work, an unprecedented number dj gigs (6 gigs in 12 days at one point) including some private engagements, a new obsession with Kate Bush's "Cloudbusting," the Giants actually having a good season, and the death of the best cat I've ever known have all been factors, but the retooling of my internet presence has also contributed toward my dereliction of blog duties.

I'm still around. Stay tuned.

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