Tuesday, January 17, 2006

My site, MySpace, and my calendar 

As previously stated, I plan to have a new site, hopefully soon, at mikecmusic.com. At present, that address mirrors this site. That site will focus on private DJ gigs and music consulting, while Hoboken Rock City will continue to offer its unique blend of...stuff. Minor site tweaking is planned, and I aim to provide more new content than I have been offering for the past three months.

Coming next week right here: my best of 2005 music picks. Though this year's write-up will be a little shorter than last year's, check out my '04 picks so you know what you're in for next week.

When we were all flocking to Friendster in 2003, I took a quick look at MySpace too. At the time, it seemed awfully clunky, junky, and juvenile. When Rupert Murdoch bought the damn thing last year, it didn't make me feel like I was missing anything. Alas, I have succumbed. Creating a meaningful MySpace profile was something I put off forever, but forever ended recently. Friends can peep, holla, or add me here.

A calendar note... Instead of the usual Saturday, this week I'm spinning at The Goldhawk on Friday. DJ Pat Pierson holds it down this Saturday. He likes The Raspberries. I'm back at the 'hawk to close out the month on Saturday, January 28.

A few nights later, Wednesday, February 1, I'm back in NYC at Manitoba's. One of the few bars left in Alphabet City with its punk rock reputation still intact, Manitoba's is like an actual Hard Rock Cafe minus the sterile fixtures, the hapless tourists, and the crappy food. The bar is a cozy, no-frills space on Avenue B, its walls lined with an impressive collection of classic punk photography.

The place bears the imprimatur of proprietor Handsome Dick Manitoba. The voice of the legendary Dictators--the '70s punk pioneers who influenced generations of New York bands from The Ramones to The Beastie Boys--Handsome Dick can also be heard weeknights from 8 p.m. to midnight on Little Steven's Underground Garage channel on Sirius satellite radio.

Join me Wednesday, February 1 as I play some of my favorite punk rock, garage, glam, indie, '60s, '70s, and '80s tunes in this classic setting. Spread the word and bring friends. There's no cover, and cocktails are available for purchase at popular prices.

The next post to this blog will be neither personal nor self-promotional. No, really.

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