Thursday, June 12, 2008

Sometime To Return 

The short version is that I've been busy.

This blog began some years ago as an outlet for my writing after Yeah Yeah Yeah, the Trouser Press-inspired indie-rock zine to which I'd dedicated blood, sweat and years, finished its eight-year run. I needed a new outlet, and for a while this was perfect.

Time wore on and my DJ career got busier. Then my full-time music biz job got more intense. It became increasingly more challenging to find the time for epic pieces like my annual best-music-of-the-year roundup, my exclusive interview features, or even my informative-type tidbitty affairs.

So I took a break. It turned out to be a long one. As I've recently made the almost obligatory transition from full-time staff to consultant status, my time has become more flexible, and I'm starting to pursue my rock journalism dreams once again. The best part is that I have more than enough consulting work to keep me busy while I find my way.

Frankly, I now contemplate the next phase of my career with more optimism than I would have guessed was possible or even sensible, given the state of the economy in general and the health of big record labels and big music publications in particular. I've already conquered one "dying" business; here's to vanquishing another.

On with the show, this is it.

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